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Battlefield 4™ Vehicle Shortcut Bundle DLC

Battlefield 4™ Vehicle Shortcut Bundle

With the Vehicle Shortcut Bundle, you get instant access to all base-game upgrades for land, sea, and air vehicles. The bundle includes the Ground & Sea Vehicle Shortcut Kit and Air Vehicle Shortcut Kit. Whether you’re new to Battlefield 4 or just want to make up for lost time, Shortcut Kits help you go toe-to-toe with Battlefield veterans by instantly unlocking powerful gear or bonuses that would otherwise be obtained through play.

Ground & Sea Vehicle Shortcut Kit. Whether you prefer to punch holes in the enemy’s defenses with an armored tank or rip through the seas on an agile boat, you’ll benefit from an increase to the offensive and defensive capabilities of your vehicle of choice. This Shortcut Kit instantly unlocks all base-game upgrades for Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles, and Attack Boats.

Air Vehicle Shortcut Kit.Helicopters and jets are invaluable for transporting troops and initiating all-out assault from the skies. This Shortcut Kit instantly unlocks all base-game upgrades for jets both vehicle types.

Note: this Shortcut Kit does not include any gadgets or weapons added by expansion packs. – Steam

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Game expires at 28 June 2021 on 7:00

After School Murder Club!!

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Welcome to the Murder Club!!

In this short comedy visual novel, you’ll take on the role of an unpopular transfer student who begins a new life at a vaguely Japanese high school. They quickly get drafted into the school’s most secret after-school club… but could it be that the seemingly innocent members of the Murder Club are hiding a dark secret?!


• A script totalling 51,240 words, taking around 2-3 hours to complete!

• Mildly amusing dialogue loaded with references to anime, video games (mostly Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid), and outdated memes! Because why write funny jokes when you can just copy other people’s, right?

• Multiple choices that affect the story, such as your gender, your hobbies, and whether or not you’re naked in 50% of the scenes!

• A deadly minigame that is similar to, but legally distinct from, Wheel of Fortune!

• Three different endings, one of which is totally super secret and hard-to-find! – Steam

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A Warmer Shade of Summer

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A Warmer Shade of Summer is a Visual Novel by 52.6 Productions:

You haven’t been back to your grandfather’s farm in years. Now two years into your college experience, it’s time for a little break.

Summer is here! And there’s no other town on earth like Summerset. The sun, the beach, the people.

Who knows what you’ll find there? That special someone? An old friend? Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself. Or find out who you were all along.

Anything is possible in Summerset.

This game contains mature themes and is not suitable for children. – Steam

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Claim TinShift for free

TinShift is a dynamic first-person shooter arena. We inspired by Quake, UT and Titanfall. It’s based on plausible shooting, wall running and sweaty armpits.

10 types of weapons are available. Some are classic, others will have to be used wisely and according to the situation.
1 map for 20 players with palm trees and vertical gameplay. You can climb anywhere.
The second class is robots. It’s for those who are tired of running around and just want to blow everything around.

Return in time is a thing. Due to the excessive dynamics, it is often not possible to immediately respond to a surprise attack or a stray sniper bullet. We understand this and therefore everyone has a second chance – to change the course of events with a rollback 10 seconds back. Chance recharges when you successfully kill an enemy.

And for dessert: NOT BATTLE ROYAL. Unexpected, right? We ourselves are tired of crawling across the field for 40 minutes until a bush kills you.
We invite you to take part in the Leadership Race. Every man for himself from the start, but to win you become ALONE against EVERYBODY.

There is no need to wait for a new match. Dropping by into the server in the middle of the game, you are in the same conditions as the experienced players. After finish, the match will restart automatically. It’s non-stop. – Steam

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Mirlo Above the Sun

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After years of balance and symbiosis, Mirlo’s home is attacked and laid to waste by the Solarean civilization, a totalitarian regime that is expanding and slaughtering anything in its way. Solareans found a source of energy in the forest Beasts; they would lock them up in energy extracting machines and exploit them. Mirlo wants her home back, and she must return the forest to its essence and protection, she must free all Beasts.

Join Mirlo to save her home and her forest friends in a hack & slash adventure. Use Mirlo’s attack to push and defeat enemies, jump to avoid hazards, and save all the Beasts.


  • Hack and Slash Combat
  • Action-Backed Gameplay
  • Scenic Landscapes

Featured Characters:

– Steam
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Hell is other demons

Hell is other demons

Bullet Hell, in Hell, Flawlessly Executed

You grew up with the bullet hell arcade shooters which rewarded fast-decision making and creativity? Hell is Other Demons is crafted with expertly executed mechanics and bold, unforgettable style.


  • Retro Bullet Hell Shooter – Fast-paced fair, but challenging, combat rewards practice and creativity.
  • A Campaign Through Hell – Explore an extensive world full with thousands of demons and wonderfully over-the-top bosses.
  • Arcade Mode – Fans of classic, high-score based arcade games will find a cozy home in this mode, with unlimited, procedurally generated action, and infinite replayability.
  • Unforgettable Style – Hell is Other Demons’ bold art style is backed up by a heavy synthwave soundtrack composed by Rémi Gallego, of The Algorithm, and retro sound effects by Magnus Pålsson, composer of the VVVVVV OST.
– Steam
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Game expires at 24 June 2021 on 15:00

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked! 2

Overcooked returns with a brand-new helping of chaotic cooking action! Journey back to the Onion Kingdom and assemble your team of chefs in classic couch co-op or online play for up to four players. Hold onto your aprons … it’s time to save the world (again!)

Out of the frying pan, into the fire…

You’ve saved the world from the Ever Peckish. Now a new threat has arisen and it’s time to get back in the kitchen to stave off the hunger of The Unbread!


You’ll knead to work together (or against each other) to get the highest score in chaotic local and online multiplayer.


Journey across a brand new overworld map by land, sea and air. Get cooking in new themes ranging from sushi restaurants, magic schools, mines and even alien planets!


Travel the land cooking up a range of new recipes that are sure to cater to any tastes, including sushi, cakes, burgers and pizzas.


Travel through teleporters, across moving platforms and save time by throwing ingredients across dynamic kitchens that shift and evolve. Some kitchens even whisk your chefs away to new locations.

– Steam
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Game expires at 24 June 2021 on 15:00

Silent dream

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Storyline of the game

In our village, there is a forest that is prohibited from entering by law.Once you step in, a forest that will never come out again…
Occasionally, an event occurs in which people who lose their motivation to live and end their
lives or who step out of curiosity disappear without a trace.
□□ A search for the missing person has begun at the police station.
However, when the police who had been searching for it disappeared, the case was on the verge of being covered up.
However, the police “Yuto Kisaragi”, who could not watch it, began a search.

On the silent dream

This game is a horror adventure game made with RPG MAKER MV, licensed by Shiroma, the creator of the 3D horror game “Shadow Corridor”.There are a total of four endings in the game, and you can see three endings in Chapter 3.
A txt file named “ReadMe” exists within the downloaded game local file.
Please check the file as much as possible because I have entered some points to follow and solutions to
the sections that are expected to be blocked during the play. – Steam

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Sonya: The Great Adventure

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Dive into the super colorful fantastic world of adventure hidden object quest.

Sonya: The Great Adventure is a fantastic and colorful hidden object adventure game with animated cut scenes that are professionally voiced over. This is a touching story of the eternal struggle between the light and the dark. We offer three difficulty modes to suit gamers of the different experience.

The quiet morning of two sisters Sonya and Lily was destroyed by the barbaric attack on their home. Unidentified robbers took away the most precious thing they had – not money and jewels, but Lily’s vitality. Sonya was locked in her room and was not able to save her sister. She will solve a lot of puzzles to get out of the house and find the vitality of Lily. She can’t cope alone. Help Sonya find the right way and get allies on the difficult path to the victory over an unknown evil.

Especially for Steam players BONUS CONTENT is added to the main gameplay, to make the maximum diving into the storyline.

  • 100 incredibly colorful locations
  • over 20 unique mini-games
  • Steam trading cards
  • combination of hidden object levels with fragmented object scenes
  • Steam achievements to unlock
  • detailed guide
  • animated cut scenes with professional voice acting – Steam
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Mr. Hopp’s Playhouse

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Every kid has that one toy that scares them. Imagine if it came to life.

You play as Ruby, a young girl who has a fear of her handmade toy called Mr. Hopp, given to her by her late grandmother. Things take a dark turn when Ruby sees that Mr. Hopp, who usually sits motionless in the corner of her room, is gone.

Make your way through the house while running and hiding from Mr. Hopp to try and uncover the mystery involving her toy rabbit. Jump over the toys Ruby has left laying around, if you touch them, the sound could draw Mr. Hopp right to you. Make sure you take your time, one wrong move could be dangerous.

Can you survive this dangerous game of hide-and-seek? Don’t let Mr. Hopp catch you.

A fun but tense 2D sidescroller with unique mechanics. So, come play, Ruby. – Steam

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