At Games 4 Free you will find free full games, no demo’s or browser games. We have currently two sections: ‘Limited time free games’ and ‘Top free games’.

Limited time free games
The games in this section are free for a limited time. You can claim or download this with the button in the post. As soon as the date expires the post will be archived.

Top free games
These games are always free, you can play them whenever you want. Most of them are very good games.

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Play DPS IDLE for free
An idle card game where you kill monsters. From monsters, you get money to open chests. Each chest has its ...
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Play Base Defense VR for free
Base Defense VR
You are a constructor robot with the order to build a forwarded base to support the Infiltration of your army ...
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Play Blood Spear for free
Blood Spear
Blood Spear is a unique ranged action-adventure student game in which you play as a demonic spear. Emerging from a ...
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Play Axial Disc 1 for free
Axial Disc 1
A modern turn-based deckbuilding JRPG involving party synergy for attacks that features unique pixel art and chiptune music! - Steam ...
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Play Megania Online for free
Megania Online
Megania online is a fantasy medieval world set in the Age of Dragons. Many adventures and puzzles await you, but ...
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Play Obscura for free
Obscura is a puzzle-platformer in which the player uses different cameras to find colorful solutions to problems in a monochromatic ...
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Play Battlegrounds : First Blast for free
Battlegrounds : First Blast
A military styled action tower-defense game filled with nukes, missiles and tanks. Improve your building, canons and tanks. Purchase stronger ...
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Play Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars for free
Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars
Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars is a free-to-play fast-paced multiplayer FPS, set in a story-rich universe. In Universe 51: Tannhäuser Wars, ...
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Play SPEARHEAD for free
Spearhead is the story of agents who join secret organizations in a chaotic world surrounded by infectious diseases. Experience the ...
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Play An Odd Tale for free
An Odd Tale
An Odd Tale is an indie adventure-RPG filled with mystery and laughs. After discovering a lost government file about a ...
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Play Yearning: A Gay Story for free
Yearning: A Gay Story
Yearning: A Gay Story (YAGS) is a realistic coming-out-focused character-driven slice-of-life visual novel where you play as a gay man ...
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Play Doggone Hungry for free
Doggone Hungry
Doggone Hungry is a delicious game about eating food, getting fat, and being a dog. Your favorite toy, Quackerjack, is ...
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Play Creatures of Aether for free
Creatures of Aether
Creatures of Aether is a free to play card game created by Tako Boy Studios in collaboration with Dan Fornace ...
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Play Mauled for free
 Mauled is a Free To Play, Third Person Shooter, CO-OP online, with procedural generated levels, infinite hordes of fierces creatures ...
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