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From the creators of The Book of Regrets, Synodic Arc teams up with Abyssmal Games to create an underwater survival horror game. Set in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, you are sent by D.I.V.E.S (Divers Investigating Various External Signals), a government-funded organization, to investigate a mysterious underwater signal. Are you ready to traverse the treacherous abyss and make it back alive?

Survival Horror

Explore the abyss and evade what lurks in its depths. Hide or fight your way out of every encounter against gruesome creatures.


Solve a myriad of puzzles to learn more about what led to the mysterious signal. What led to the events that transpired here?


Utilize your D.I.V.E.S. suit to traverse an underwater environment. Make use of your jet booster, flashlight, and gadgets to scavenge the ocean. – Steam

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