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All over is an indie action RPG game filled with puzzles, missions, and monsters.

Enjoy 6-12 hours of gameplay, discover the magic of Abelon and help townsfolk and magical animals versus an evil ruler.

This is an early access game and fully enjoyable game.

The game at its current state is playable with over 50 missions, dungeons, arena, and steam achievements, and we hope you enjoy it.

We appreciate any feedback you have – feel free to post it on our community page/group.
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All Over is an indie ARPG/adventure/puzzle game taking place at the kingdom of Abelon.

In the kingdom of Abelon it takes wits and strength to survive, our hero, who has no idea who he is, faces powerful creatures and puzzles that even the wisest of the elders find difficult to solve

you are the hero!

Follow the quest of our hero who travels to restore order to the kingdom of Abelon. Fight your way, attack, and cast powerful spells to crush your enemies. Battle outdoors or in the depth of the dungeons, and even try your luck in the King’s battle arena

Key Features

  • Quests – Dozens of story quests and side missions.
  • Story – In your journey, you will reveal your true identity while helping NPCs & magical creatures with their evil ruler
  • Puzzles – Solve mind-blowing puzzles as you travel to mysterious places
  • Action – Cast powerful spells, equip your legendary weapon and armor to help you fight your battles.
  • Loot & Items – Find gold, potions, magical items, and weapons to aid you on your quest.
  • Monsters – Fight or help different monsters and NPCs in Abelon. Win to gain XP and treasures or try to escape and live to fight another day
  • Resource gathering – Mining, woodcutting, herbs, and more…
  • Night & Day – Go out at midnight with a torch or fight your way during the day. Abelon changes with time.
  • Boss fights – Go into the depth of the dungeons and fight badass bosses.
  • Level up – Gain XP and grow in strength
  • Steam achievements – Growing list of steam achievements. – Steam
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