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The paragon of tactics is now on Steam.

Collect new chess pieces, create custom armies, and
play against others in live multiplayer PvP, ranked or practice.

500+ units to collect, including the classics.
diverse abilities of melee, ranged, magic, passives, triggers, and more.
no unit is ‘strictly better’ than another – no ‘rarity’ is considered stronger.

Gameplay rewards strategy, tactics, skill, and precision.
PvP-enabled units have zero RNG of any kind.
Any form of ambiguity is resolvable and deterministic.
(heart of the cards can’t save you once the match begins – even in draft mode)

ranked PvP matchmaking, PvE daily challenges, scenarios, local 2 player, and more.

Designed with intelligent visual information systems to accelerate the learning curve.
Completely utility-centric art direction that favors gameplay above screenshots.

Lightweight download, free to play, and no external signups required.

Dynamic and emergent synergies almost entirely devoid of typical archetype pitfalls.

CEO is designed to be ‘easy to play’, but has a near-infinite skill ceiling.
The number of possible army matchups is literally unfathomable.
(Devising strategies the world has never seen is the default here)

Guaranteed to be at least 3x more interesting than reading this description. – Steam

Video from Steam
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