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In Cyberplug, you will run across the city clearing different levels, using the fast electric powers of the main character, in order to beat the F.R.O.G. Corporation that rules the city with a tight fist. These electric powers will be specially useful in the different settings such as the sewers or the suburbs where you will encounter different obstacles to beat at high speeds!

  • Frenetic Plataformer: Lateral movement based in the character’s speed.
  • Movement skills: Beat different challenges with a variety of powers that will boost the speed.
  • Overcome threats: The corporation’s robots will try to stop you, but you will be able to use them to obtain impulse and soar through the level.
  • Replayability: Once a level is finished, you will be able to come back to it and attempt to race beat your best time in a “shadow mode”, or obtain the collectables you missed.

The comic hand drawn art style with contrasting colors, combined with the frenetic electric mechanics and gameplay, give the game a unique feeling within the cyberpunk theme. – Steam

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