Demon at Work – Dark Evil Spirit

Welcome to Rivercastle, the once rich trading town that is slowly falling into decline nowadays. The imperial governor doesn’t care about his duties and all he does is hunt and carousing. Plaster walls of the theater crack, and the director of the local academy of natural philosophy (a small establishment, yet very proud one) spends his time not in the silence of the classrooms, but in the company of some shady characters that have established some kind of an amateur occultist society… No wonder that of all the vast pantheon townspeople respect the god of lazy contemplation and hedonism. In fact, the head of the city temple is also the Archpriest of this deity. But those who are living such a stable life sometimes can’t notice a sinister danger that remains hidden from human minds and eyes. The evil that has been lurking nearby for quite a long time is now ready to strike at any moment. The dark gods are turning their gaze towards this town. You are one of the many servants of the strife god, and your task is to possess the mind of the local archpriest in order to sow wickedness and discordance in the town. But your character is a disembodied demon, so you’ll have to reach your dark goal by the hands of townsmen. Possess the people and do evil through them to spread panic and discord in this pious neighbourhood. But avoid temples: their influence can weaken your strength. With each believer forsaking his or her beliefs you will bring darkness closer, and plunge this town into it the moment when even the Archpriest finally loses his faith. – Microsoft

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Game expires at 17 October 2020 on 1:00