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Geadows is a frenetic action game in third person that mixes the shooter and roguelike genres. Beat waves of fearsome enemies, face powerful bosses and defeat the artificial intelligence that sank you in the nightmare you relive every day.

  • Choose your weapons and fight against GEA, the artificial intelligence that stole your friends, your memories and your past from you and take your revenge. Defeat the minons she sends to stop you. Find accessories that will modify your weapons or your own body to power you up in combat.
  • Every weapon has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. They have two attack modes and an active ability to define your play style.
  • The accessories alter the weapons or character, giving them new and powerful effects. Decisions matter, and numerous accessories can be combined between them.
  • 6 weapons.
  • 70+ upgrades.
  • 18 enemies.
  • 3 bosses.
  • 3 different areas with randomized levels.
  • Hours of fun! – Steam
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