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Physics Based Battles.

Filled with funny ragdoll moments and dismemberments that you rarely see in games!

Fight in Big Brawls.

Simulate large battles in teams or free for all, why not trying a 1 v 50!

Use the Environment and Traps.

Grab and Push opponents on traps or use your swings and momentum to deliver lethal hits!

Fight Bosses and Unique Enemies.

It’s not just about spamming attacks… be tactical, dodge and catch your enemies off-guard!

WARNING: You thought you were good at games ? Think twice, this is actually difficult.

If you’re skilled, you can execute in one hit and so can your opponents as-well. Misjudging a fight or not reacting fast enough can result in your head spinning away from your body, losing the Glory you’ve collected and starting all over again. – Steam

Video from Steam
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