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In Hellevator, you will play as a guest in an infernal hotel. You will need to learn the way to solve the puzzles and get through the hotel in order to escape.
Hellevator’s unique art style and setting will make you enjoy the complete experience of this 2D platform game.

Lead the way of our guest in order to find the way out of the Hellevator. Find the newspapers to find the truth about each room and clear the way out of this place.
Do not let them take you!

Unlike other 2D platformers based on puzzles, Hellevator’s main mechanic is based upon death and possession. Can not cross a floor full of spikes? Just sacrifice yourself and posses the closests body nearby!
You will have at your disposal a lot of characters with different on-death abilities for you to solve each puzzle.
It does not really hurt, I guess

There are many different rooms in this infernal hotel: from a mysterious garden to a haunted warehouse, going through a lot of different rooms. Each level is a brand new experience for you!
What is this place?

Hellevator is a deadly place and so are the horrible creatures that work and live in it. Find the way to defeat the bosses that threaten your life, or they will haunt you for eternity.
Someone is not happy with me being here… – Steam

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