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Knights and Dungeons is a single player game inspired by games like Clicker Heroes and other clickers.
Knights and Dungeons is a clicker Idler game where your main goal is to defeat the enemies in the dungeon.
and try to beat most levels as possible.

About the Game

Knights and Dungeons is a game with 330 dungeon levels. There are only 30 enemies tough, once you beat the first 30 enemies
they will start repeating over and over again. there are 10 tiers of equipments in the game knowing the last equip upgrades itself if you buy it again.
Knights and Dungeons is a small clicker RPG that doesn`t focus on story. So basically saying game is not rich storywise.
The fun in this game is to try to reach the highest level in the dungeon. and for that you will use your levels equips and talents learnt at the gym.

There is also still room for improvement in this game and I intend into improving it in case I see the players are enjoying the game.


  • 330 Dungeon Levels.
  • 30 unique enemies.
  • 10 Tiers of equipment.
  • Cool looking Gym.
  • A very special Academy.
  • Auto Battle Features.
  • Nice looking Tavern.
  • Bank system.
  • Your almost endless Dungeon. – Steam
Video from Steam
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