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There is more to this world than kings and conspiracies. There are ordinary folk living in an extraordinary world, and this is one of their tales.


A short, new story set in the world of My Beautiful Paper Smile, A Night In Riverager gives players a glance at its strange papercraft world from another perspective, offering a spine-chilling story by itself that is also part of a greater, darker whole.
You will become the Hunter, a hooded and mysterious figure, just living out their mundane life in the secluded hamlet of Riverager. To find medicine for his sickly mother, the Hunter ventures into the King’s domain, a dangerous place guarded by forces both natural and not.

Will you complete your journey into the dark? Or will you become just another character in another’s story?

Join the Hunter on his journey now, then explore the world further in My Beautiful Paper Smile.


A Night In Riverager is a short horror adventure and a prelude to the events of My Beautiful Paper Smile. Players will explore and puzzle their way through a new part of this eerie monochrome world. A free and ideal starting place for newcomers to this world, but also worth exploring for players who already own My Beautiful Paper Smile.


– Stunning hand-drawn graphics.- Developed in Unreal Engine 4
– Unique unsettling atmosphere.
– Deep engrossing story.
– Run and hide from the faceless one. – Steam

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