The Last Dream: Developer’s Edition

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The Last Dream: Developers Edition” is a casual adventure game which, despite having some classic casual elements, will also offer a greater challenge for more experienced gamers.

“Every night your beloved wife Elizabeth, who died in a car accident, comes to you in your dreams. She seems to be calling for you – why? One morning you find a strange clue from your dream which sets you on to a path full of adventure and intrigue – the path to your wife? Your reality is now mixed with your dreams as you battle with unimaginable invisible forces that are trying to stop you meeting with Elizabeth. Undeterred, you pursue her ghost, discovering new clues in a variety of locations as well as meeting a fluffy feline who will help you on your way. Is this reality or a dream? Whatever it is, you know you have no choice – after all, you love your wife and are ready to do anything to save her…”

Developers edition features:

  • Gripping storyline, full of intrigue and adventure
  • Live action cut-scenes and gorgeous graphics
  • Steam achievements to unlock
  • Bonus chapter for completing the main game
  • 19 versatile mini games and 10 fragmented object scenes
  • Steam trading cards
  • The cat helper will be near
  • 7 cat toys to find
  • 10 photographs to collect – Steam
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Sector’s Edge

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Sector’s Edge is an indie free-to-play first person shooter with a completely destructible environment. It combines the fast-paced action and skill-based nature of Battlefield with the sandbox destruction of Ace of Spades.


As a mercenary you fight for different factions across various planets with the hope of harnessing the power of Soltrium, a rare new element created in the core of a distant star.


From small structures to large cranes, everything in Sector’s Edge can be destroyed. Tear through cover with armour-piercing LMGs, breach walls with C4 and create tunnels with the Orberator.


Take out the base of trees and towers and watch them come crashing down!


Customise sights and crosshairs to your preference. Style your weapons with camo, metallic and animated skins.


Create loadouts for the playstyles you love, whether it be sniping, explosive, run and gun, or a combination of all!


Sector’s Edge is developed by the two of us at Vercidium using our own engine and assets created from scratch. Our goal is to create a first person shooter that is refreshing, fast-paced, action-packed and rewarding to master. – Steam

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Loria is a homage to classics from golden era of strategy games, with modern spin on controls and user experience.

Game introduces not just RTS elements but also RPG elements such as: hero units, collecting items and quest driven missions offers for a more interesting take on the RTS genre.

Goal of Loria is to take the best concepts from the classics and create a modern user-experience, intelligent AI, smooth controls, pleasing aesthetic and to add interesting content.

Loria was made with passion and love of the RTS genre, that has given us so many hours of fun.
Hopefully we have managed to recreate the experience and fun.

Loria features:

  • 2 playable races
  • 2 campaigns with 8 missions each ( 16 missions in summary )
  • Entertaining story
  • Dozens of units, buildings and upgrades
  • 6 unique heroes
  • Levelable heroes with backpack
  • Veteran units
  • Skirmish games

Soundtrack is included as well in basic package.

About Multiplayer:
Multiplayer was not planned in Loria at all and is not implemented in game at this point. However due to lot of requests to include multiplayer, we started to work on the feature. Stay tuned for more news about this! – Steam

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The Remainder – Act 1

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A stone tower

You’re woken up with no memory of your past by an elegant, enigmatic stranger called Ilar who tells you that a door to the abyss has opened up and threatens to consume you, unless you do exactly as Ilar says.

A magickal mystery

You’re sucked into a vortex of forces beyond your reckoning – dark magick, bizarre artifacts, shadowy stalkers, and a past life you’ve shared with the stranger that they do everything to hide. Armed with the knowledge that you were a High Magus, and that a botched ritual of yours caused the disaster and your amnesia, you must summon your wits, courage, and force of will to rediscover the spell and undo your mistakes.

A treacherous path

Finding the tower’s secrets, however, will not be easy, for they’re locked tight within your research journal, written on scattered letters, and lying between the lines of Ilar’s words.
On top of that, danger waits around every corner – spells that warp your mind and body, sinister creatures who lurk in the dark recesses, and a relationship with Ilar that borders on explosive at times – everything seems to conspire against you.

But all is not lost, for there are fleeting moments of reprieve – an achingly comforting, recovered memory, an unexpected visit from a loyal companion, a touching moment of connection with Ilar – lifelines and breadcrumbs pulling you inexorably toward an unsettling conclusion.

Can you piece together the scattered puzzle of your life? Can you save yourself and Ilar? Can you keep your mind in one piece until the end?

The Remainder Act 1 is a Visual Novel with 40k words

  • Explore a world of ritual magick, pre-industrial technology, and a culture that marries ancient religions of the orient and occident.
  • Be lured into an occult world by artwork made to resemble alchemical manuscripts – intricately hand-drawn with pen and ink, then edited and animated digitally to bring to life.
  • Immerse yourself in the haunting soundtrack weaved from organic sounds, ceremonial instruments, ritual chanting, and glitch effects.
  • Choose who becomes your friend, enemy, or romantic interest. – Steam
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Bonhomme 7 Heures

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This game is an exploration horror game.

You play as a kid and a father in their grand-father house. Explore and try to find from where this entity that haunt your house comes from and expedite him back from where he come. This house is all up for exploration and it is up to you to find what it takes to defeat the entity

You might find some disturbing facts about this entity.

This game is our first game and is made by a small team of student, lot of flaws will be in it and we will appreciate all feedback/constructive comment. Just beware that this will not be the same quality as other game you can find, even more considering we had a limited time frame to do it. Thank you for playing our game. – Steam

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Genshin Impact

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Embark on a journey across Teyvat to find your lost sibling and seek answers from The Seven — the gods of each element. Explore this wondrous world, join forces with a diverse range of characters, and unravel the countless mysteries that Teyvat holds… – Epic

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Walking Simulator

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The year is 2020, world war III destroyed the civilized world.
You are the last post carrier, tasked to get parcels from point A to B in the most barren and desolate places on earth.
Get ready to combat the weather, terrain and gravity itself.
Can you help humanity rebuild or will this task be too much. – Steam

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Museum of Other Realities

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The Museum of Other Realities (MOR) is an immersive multiplayer art showcase in VR. Step into a painting, surround yourself with fantastic sounds, experience art with your friends as it evolves and takes form. The museum contains a growing collection of interactive art and experimentation, supporting artists who are challenging and redefining what is possible with virtual reality art.

(Night Snow by Danny Bittman)


Enjoy a collective multiplayer experience with old friends or make new ones in a gallery you can visit from anywhere.

(Immateria by Isaac Cohen)

Constantly evolving with new art

With regular art updates and events on an ongoing basis, the MOR grows and evolves into a space you can return to for new experiences.

(Devalaya Rupanam by Kevin Mack)

Supporting Artists

The MOR has showcased pieces from artists around the world, celebrating their incredible work and fostering community. Artists with featured work in the Museum are paid and promoted.

Valve Index Support

The MOR supports the Valve Index and Index controllers, allowing you to gesture to friends or draw in the air. – Steam

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Game expires at 21 June 2021 on 19:00


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Is a 3D puzzle game where you compete against Artificial Intelligence or your Steam mate in a formation of cubes made in glass. Your aim is to fill four cubes with your characters in a row.

There are three game modes:

  • Basic – a game where you put characters in their respectable places
  • Drop – you have gravity, and you drop the character into the set of cubes. After dropping, you need to spin a slice of the cube. Characters fall down as gravity hits like a hammer.
  • Rotate – similar to drop, but you don’t have the gravity

And three difficulty levels:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

Difficulty levels only apply to single player games

Two player game

To play the two player game, you need to make friends of other Steam players first. Do the following:

  • If you know a friend, who plays on Steam, ask him/her to be your friend
  • Launch One4, and select 2 player game
  • Select your friends name from the drop down
  • If you have not chatted with your friend, you can try to invite by pressing the button underneath the dropdown
  • You may also click to open the chat and decide which game you wish to play
  • Once both of you are in the game, you can play together


Artist: Bump Nasties
Song: Acid Tick
© Ouranio Recordings
℗ Ouranio Recordings – Steam

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Press Any Button

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PRESS ANY BUTTON is an arcade-style game. It has a big emphasis on story, but it will also put your reflexes to a test!

The game introduces a weird but sweet character named A-Eye. He is an artificial intelligence created to process data for important scientific research. When he gets bored with this assignment, he decides to turn the research into a video game. The fact that he can’t draw game assets or compose music and knows nothing about game design is not going to stop him.

A-Eye will be extremely glad if you become an impartial critic for him. Make your own opinion on the game he’s been working on and find out his story full of life, death, rain, and dandelions.

What you should know before you play:

  • It will take you about an hour to complete the game.
  • The gameplay consists of dialogues with the main character and of playing the game he is creating.
  • You will need to stop falling blocks. If a block goes beyond the bottom edge of the screen, you will lose a life.
  • The previous sentence might not sound very exciting, but you should consider that the blocks are going to look different and have unique properties.
  • And yes, the whole thing still might prove to be not very exciting. Be understanding, this is the very first game for A-Eye!
  • But don’t be patronizing, he doesn’t like it. – Steam
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