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You are a Wizard. Being imprisoned in Penimorta, a maximum security prison, has little appeal. Naturally, you’ve decided to bust out. The problem is… between every floor of Penimorta is a Corporeal Beast. Can you escape?

Penimorta is a Bullet-Hell Dungeon Crawler. You must descend twenty floors to escape it. Ten of the floors imprison vicious Corporeal Beasts. On the other floors there are mad prisoners and evil minions. Throughout Penimorta you will find Items to assist in your descent!


  • 20 Floors of Bullet-Hell Action
  • A Random Item (or Pet) on each Floor
  • 10 Unique Bosses
  • 25+ Unique Minions and Prisoners
  • Status Effects
  • Full Controller Support
  • A crazy amount of bullets – Steam
Video from Steam
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