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Plot of the Druid: Nightwatch is a free prologue to the full game Plot of the Druid.
A fantasy point-and-click adventure game that uses high-definition hand-painted drawings to capture the feel of old-school pixel art. The script has dry, sarcastic British wit that’s reminiscent of Simon the Sorcerer, Discworld, and Harry Potter.

• The player can decide whether to deal with a situation as a human or as a ferocious animal. Well, maybe not that ferocious, but one with a unique skill set.

• Beautiful hand-painted HD artwork in the style of old-school pixel art.

• One hour of gameplay.

• Meet wacky characters, ALL fully voiced.

• Cool references to classic LucasArts and Sierra games.

• Two difficulty levels: Young Apprentice and Master of Disaster.

• Smooth 2D animations, including thrilling cutscenes.

• Immersive, charming background music.

• A hotspot reveal option to avoid pixel hunting.

• Available in Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian translations.

• And the wind cries Mary! – Steam

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