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In S.U.M. you play as various Heroes in a world filled with Uncool Monsters. Your task is to fight these Monster by using Math. There are plenty of Dungeons that needs to be cleared and they get harder and harder!

Each Dungeon will challenge you with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division or a combination of those Operators.
A monster will provide you with a sum, your task is to fill the equation with the correct numbers at your disposal.

You’ll also perform Special Attacks, depending on your character class, that deals additional damage when setup right. This gives each battle an extra layer of tactics. Plan ahead and you’ll beat the toughest of enemies!

Do you think you are up for the challenge? Think twice before heading into the harder Dungeons, they do get tricky!
Are you a beginner with Math? No worries! There’s Practice Mode to learn the basics!

The game is Free To Play with optional DLC Characters and Worlds.

See you in the Dungeons, you vanquisher of the uncool!
Puts on sunglasses. Rolls off into the sunset on heelys.. ~Doom

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