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Sherwood Extreme is a FREE outrageous arcade shooter where you save the kingdom by sniping in style, solo or with friends! Wishlist today!

Race to the finish through beautiful low-poly environments. Zip, swing, and soar through the air in slow-motion to rack up combos with all the 360 no-scopes and parkour action medieval times were known for.


  • Swing, Flip, Kaboom! – Use zip-lines, swinging ropes, bouncy mushrooms, and cannons to move through the air at top speeds, exploding and sniping every goblin you come across.
  • Team Up in Co-Op – Work with friends to complete challenges and top the leaderboards. Master thousands of level variants with speed and precision to achieve global recognition!
  • Loot Treasure – Collect shinies to unlock outfits, weapons, and challenges. Execute your playstyle and make bold fashion statements on the battlefield!
  • Laugh in Danger’s Face – Discover silly secrets throughout Sherwood kingdom and earn higher scores by destroying goblins in the most ridiculous ways!
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