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Compete for the top score in this combination of two classic arcade games!

The idea Is Simple

  • You control the snake
  • Gain length (and points) for the ball hitting your body
  • Body hits power up the ball to destroy blocks and create space
  • Just go for as long as you can!

You lose if your head hits the ball, the wall, or your own body!

  • Instant Action!
  • Easy-to-learn, Hard-to-master!
  • 16 colour palettes and 4 block styles to unlock!
  • Work your way up the online highscores (Monthly & All-Time)!
  • Supports the left-handed (swaps arrow keys for WASD)
  • Supports the left-handed AZERTY users (swaps WASD for QZSD)
  • Supports you as you sob gently after losing just before your previous high score – Steam
Video from Steam
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