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Soul Dossier is a realistic, Chinese-style, multiplayer (5vs1) horror game. An official sequel to Notes of Soul. The game is designed based on the multifarious Chinese culture, including the Five Elements; the Eight Trigrams and folklore. Providing an immersive experience of Chinese culture. Play as daring Agents investigating surreal events or Supernaturals trying to break free.

An adventure

To save the world, Exorcists from all schools of Taoism established a World Monument using the power of the universe, the Five Elements and the Eight Trigrams. After thousands of years, in the year of 2020, the Monument is beginning to loose, releasing Supernaturals all over the world. As a new Agent, you now carry the responsibility of bringing balance and peace to the world

The mirror

A virtual system built and developed by the SIA, projecting a virtual world based on other Agents’ memories. You will be trained here to hone your skills.

The maps

THE MIRROR can stimulate any scenes, go back to the ancient times in the Hidden Brahma temple, or experience urban legends in office buildings.

The Agents

Access memories and data of others in THE MIRROR, use their abilities to help you complete your training. You’ll also be able to use different special items to help you solve the Supernatural problem.

The Supernaturals

Play as haunting Supernaturals from legends and folklore, learn their abilities and weaknesses in the stimulation, prevent the Agents from Sealing the Wards and set yourself free

Gameplay with traditional culture

Get to know to Five Elements; Souls; and Psyches as you play the game.

Unique Characters

Each character has their own personality, special abilities and much more.

Chinese style artwork

We created a world where traditional artwork and horror scenes converge, a world full of surprises.

In-game Item system

Use traditional items like the Calming Charm to repel the Supernatural, or try using the high-tech items like Flash Bombs.

No place like home

We also have a casual mode where you can set up your own home and invite friends. Other casual modes like treasure hunting are in-development. – Steam

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