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Corruption has taken over the four Souls of the Wind. As the Guardian of the Four Winds, it is your duty to free them of this corruption and restore balance to this wind-swept world. Use your unique wind abilities to traverse through the world and complete the dangerous trials of the Wind Temples. Souls of the Wind tells the tale of a world full of wind magic, through a beautiful 3rd person puzzle-adventure game crafted by Wandering Spirit Games.

Four Unique Locations
Travel to the four Wind Temples located in four different environments – forest, canyon, volcanic caverns, and the snowy mountains.

Trials of the Temples
Prove you are the true Guardian of the Wind by overcoming challenges and finding solutions to the uniquely crafted puzzles in the Wind Temples, through platforming and the powers of the wind.

A Magical Tale
Discover the lore of this wind-swept world through conversations with people and your trusted companion. Find hidden collectibles to explore more about the world and the fantastical story behind it. – Steam

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