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Space Warfare is a simple strategy game where the player builds mines and factories on conquered planets. Battles with the enemy, construction and movement of ships are carried out automatically.

There Are 4 Types Of factories In the Game.
1. Factory for the production of frigates. The frigate is the simplest and fastest ship.
2. Factory for the production of cruisers. The cruiser is a medium-strength ship.
3. Factory for the production of battleships. The battleship is a powerful ship, it takes a long time to build, but it easily destroys frigates.
4. Factory for the production of starbases. The starbase protects the planet, in the event of its destruction, a new starbase is immediately built.


  • The player does not need to take care of the construction of units and control the battles himself, so he can only focus on the construction and improvement of factories and mines. The main task of the player is to correctly prioritize.
  • Randomly generated maps that can be successfully completed by various tactics.
  • Large-scale battles involving hundreds of units. – Steam
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