Super circuit breakers

The Circuit Breakers return! Experience the award winning twin stick shooter with new graphics, new characters, new enemies, and new gamemodes! In this classic arcade-styled game, up to 6 players can play together locally or online through Steam’s Remote Play Together feature. SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS is fun for everyone and features both competitive and cooperative styles of play.

You’re only a mouse click away from:

  • Blasting thousands of enemies in ARCADE mode
  • 4 Free Characters plus a free selection every week
  • Steam Workshop character skins
  • Like, one of 10 games on Steam that supports 6 players
  • Fully supported Controller, Mouse, or Mouse + Keyboard controls
  • jammin’ soundtrack
  • Free updates with extra content
  • A perfectly mesmerizing Attract Mode (just let the game sit on the title screen) – Steam
Video from Steam
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Game expires at 31 May 2020 on 1:00