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Tadpole Tales is a tiny 2D Hand Drawn Clean ‘em Up about a tiny tadpole cleaning rivers and fighting pollution. In this journey, you get to play as three different froggy forms based on your health, with wave-like patterns of enemies.

Clean Em Up!

You heard it, it’s a clean ‘em up, not a shoot ’em up. All the animations you see are hand-drawn frame by frame. We hope that this little game can offer you a short yet pleasant experience, something that anyone can pick up and put in their library. This game is a love letter to retro gaming, reminiscent of GBA games. We hope you enjoy it!

Challenge Yourself!

Track your score and compete with others. Race your friends to see who can clean the river faster. Earn achievements by not getting hit or taking any hearts. We’ll even give you a special achievement for beating the dev’s score! – Steam

Video from Steam
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