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A Story of Humans

Pine is an open world action adventure simulation game. Set in the beautiful world of Albamare, you take on the role of Hue, a smart young adult who will have to explore, trade, and fight his way through a vibrant world filled with creatures much smarter than humans.

Their Story Becomes Yours

As you’re looking for a new home for your tribe to settle in, you’ll have to engage with the large-scale ecology of Albamare. Prepare by exploringbarteringtalkingcrafting and fighting in six different biomes, with and against a diverse cast of species that will not simply help you.

A Struggle for Survival

In Pine, things will happen across the open game world even without your involvement. All organisms are alive and will try what they can to survive. You can choose to befriend a species, fight alongside them, or you may also to attack them, steal their food or force them to abandon their current habitat. All of this will make the species move across the ecological spectrum. – Steam

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Game expires at 13 May 2021 on 15:00

Nubarron: The adventure of an unlucky gnome

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  • A Gorgeous Digital Painted Fantasy World
  • An Amazing Orchestral Bgm
  • A fantasy story with a love-hate relationship between Gnome and his Cloud
  • A following Cloud that can be used to throw lightnings to solve puzzles and get rid of enemies
  • Angry Cloud sequences that challenges the player to keep moving to avoid the aimed-at-gnome lightnings
  • Neutral Cloud sequences that allows the player to aim where to strike the lightning while also escaping the aimed-at-gnome lightnings
  • Happy Cloud sequences that allows the player to fully control the Cloud without having to worry about aimed-at-gnome lightnings
  • Classic platformer challenges and puzzles
  • Boss fights – Steam
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Game expires at 09 May 2021 on 7:00

The Dark Mod

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The Dark Mod is a free and open-source software first-person stealth video game.
The Dark Mod takes place in a classic gothic steampunk world. This includes a crossover of elements of fantasy, the Late Middle Ages, the Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution. Although set in a very similar world to that of the original Thief series, the mod does not use any of the original Thief intellectual property. –

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To Hell With It

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To Hell With It is a 3rd person hack-n-slash adventure where you play as Aella; who finds herself battling through Hell’s more obscure realms in a “down the rabbit hole” style adventure to retrieve her stolen cat.

Rich & Fast Paced Gameplay

Hack and slash through any demon that stands in your way. Spend your under-worldly spoils on powerful abilities and unique items!

Unique Environments to Explore

Fight through the numerous districts of a Hellish city in search of secrets, brawls, and leads for your missing cat; Purrsephone!

A Humorous and Surreal Story

After following Purrsephone through a mysterious portal, Aella finds herself in what appears to be the underworld’s HR department (Hell’s Resources). In order to track down her missing feline friend, she strikes a deal with this realm’s exceedingly oppressive manager. What could possibly go wrong?

Hell Has Some “Friendly” Faces

As Aella, you’ll meet a few denizens of hell that you might be inclined to get to know. Who knows, maybe you’ll make some friends that will last a lifetime!*
*lifetimes are not typically long in Hell – Steam

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Rusty Lake Hotel

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Welcome our guests to the Rusty Lake Hotel and make sure they will have a pleasant stay. There will be 5 dinners this week. Make sure every dinner is worth dying for!

Rusty Lake Hotel is a mysterious point-and-click adventure by the creators of the Rusty Lake & Cube Escape series.

Key features:

  • Pick-up-and-play: easy to start, but it will be hard to stop
  • Tons of puzzles: a total of 6 rooms full of unique and various brain teasers
  • Thrilling and engaging story: there will be 5 dinners with intriguing guests and staff
  • Full of suspense and atmosphere: Rusty Lake Hotel is a surreal place, where anything can happen…
  • Impressive soundtrack: every room has its own designed theme song
  • Achievements: an all-time gallery you’ve never seen before – Steam
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Game expires at 01 May 2021 on 12:00

Rogue Rails

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Rogue Rails is a 2D Roguelike-inspired Platformer, with a bit of a Bullet Hell twist. It’s challenging, highly replayable, and easy to just pick up and play. The controls are easy to learn and master with keyboard or gamepad.

The game features six unique characters, each with four abilities that can be leveled multiple times during a run. Choosing where to put your skill points can drastically change the way the game is played. Combine character and skill choice with different sets of items, and you can essentially have a different game on your hands every time you play.

There are lots of different items in Rogue Rails, each adding something different to any given run. Which items you choose to use will greatly impact the way you play. At the many in-game shops you will encounter during any given run, these items are made cheap enough to allow you to experiment with different builds, but expensive enough to make those decisions matter.

While there are lots of different common foes you will face in the dungeon, there are also six bosses to tackle. Each boss offers a different challenge and requires a different strategy to defeat. While certain characters running with specific items might find one boss to be an absolute pushover, the next might not be so forgiving. Experimentation and strategy are key to beating each of this game’s bosses!

Procedural Generation
Like many Roguelikes, Rogue Rails features fully fledged procedural generation for its levels, meaning each run will be different from the last, and no two will be exactly the same. The items you will find in shops, the enemies you encounter and their numbers, will all vary each time you play. This is all even more true once you unlock the game’s second mode!

While all of the game’s characters and items are completely unlocked and available from the moment you start playing, the game features a ton of quirky, yet detailed flavor text for nearly every single character, item, enemy, boss, and level type. A special mode also awaits those skilled enough to brave the game’s final boss, and ride away victorious.

Like all good games, Rogue Rails will continue to be updated after release. We realize that it is impossible to launch a game, no matter how big or small, without some issues. We are confident in our game, and will continue to squash any bugs that rear their ugly heads as we find them, and as they are reported to us by awesome players like you! We also have potential plans for content updates in the future if there is enough interest in such things. Stay tuned!

In Closing
This is our first officially released title. The people involved in this little project have worked on other games in the past, but this our first actual commercial game. It was a blast to be a part of its design and creation, and we all sincerely hope you enjoy it. We look forward to everyone’s feedback going forward, so we can make it that much better! Thank you! – Steam

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Scott in Space

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Picture this. One guniea pig alone in the vastness of space, fighting an empire of evil Rhinos. Sure, that’s pretty unfair…the Rhinos don’t stand a chance!

Scott in Space is a stylized platformer with a classic gameplay core, plenty of different enemies to defeat and quests to fulfill. Can you stop the evil Rhino Empire from abducting guinea pigs from their home world New New Guinea? Can you defeat the dark rhino leader named… Evil Andy?! Can you make it home before dinner? So many questions and so little time!

If you like the light-weight sphere of classic family platformers and you love helping little guinea pigs in space out from time to time (an uncommon hobby), then Scott in Space is the right game for you!

While the easier difficulty modes satisfy beginners and casual players, the hard and the evil difficutly mode confidently challenge hardcore players.

Scott in Space is the debut indie title developed by Ragiva Games. The design team of this game is a group of three indie devs with experience from the games industry who decided to go their own way.


– Prove your guniea pig platformer skills (you have them, right?)
– Fulfill quests for questionable characters
– Enjoy a dead-serious story with non-existent rodent-rhino war humor
– Explore over 50 levels across 7 planets
– Sing along to the orchestral soundtrack (or just listen while playing, your call!) – Steam

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Abyss of Neptune

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From the creators of The Book of Regrets, Synodic Arc teams up with Abyssmal Games to create an underwater survival horror game. Set in the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, you are sent by D.I.V.E.S (Divers Investigating Various External Signals), a government-funded organization, to investigate a mysterious underwater signal. Are you ready to traverse the treacherous abyss and make it back alive?

Survival Horror

Explore the abyss and evade what lurks in its depths. Hide or fight your way out of every encounter against gruesome creatures.


Solve a myriad of puzzles to learn more about what led to the mysterious signal. What led to the events that transpired here?


Utilize your D.I.V.E.S. suit to traverse an underwater environment. Make use of your jet booster, flashlight, and gadgets to scavenge the ocean. – Steam

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Greedy Goblin

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LISTEN UP MINIONS! Your job is to loot ‘n scoot through the ruins and bring me a hoard of gold! But most importantly, you need to collect my CURSED ARTIFACTS! They should help you take care of those pesky humans while makin’ the scootin part real easy..

Here’s the plan…


  • Loot cursed artifacts to get a taste of what its like to be me!
  • Loot gold… Because I told you so!


  • Scoot past those brainless humans.. If they make quick work of you, I can easily send a replacement..
  • Scoot through the ruins and make sure you use the artifacts to get more gold. HEY you listening to me kid?!


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Fate of Dynasty

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Fate of Dynasty is a short lore exploration puzzle game inspired by walking simulators such as Gone Home, Dear Esther, and Layers of Fear.
Figure out how to perform the ritual to put an end to the tyranny of the ruling dynasty.

Fate of Dynasty was developed during the Global Game Jam 2021 and is an open-source project. – Steam

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