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TinShift is a dynamic first-person shooter arena. We inspired by Quake, UT and Titanfall. It’s based on plausible shooting, wall running and sweaty armpits.

10 types of weapons are available. Some are classic, others will have to be used wisely and according to the situation.
1 map for 20 players with palm trees and vertical gameplay. You can climb anywhere.
The second class is robots. It’s for those who are tired of running around and just want to blow everything around.

Return in time is a thing. Due to the excessive dynamics, it is often not possible to immediately respond to a surprise attack or a stray sniper bullet. We understand this and therefore everyone has a second chance – to change the course of events with a rollback 10 seconds back. Chance recharges when you successfully kill an enemy.

And for dessert: NOT BATTLE ROYAL. Unexpected, right? We ourselves are tired of crawling across the field for 40 minutes until a bush kills you.
We invite you to take part in the Leadership Race. Every man for himself from the start, but to win you become ALONE against EVERYBODY.

There is no need to wait for a new match. Dropping by into the server in the middle of the game, you are in the same conditions as the experienced players. After finish, the match will restart automatically. It’s non-stop. – Steam

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Sector’s Edge

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Sector’s Edge is an indie free-to-play first person shooter with a completely destructible environment. It combines the fast-paced action and skill-based nature of Battlefield with the sandbox destruction of Ace of Spades.


As a mercenary you fight for different factions across various planets with the hope of harnessing the power of Soltrium, a rare new element created in the core of a distant star.


From small structures to large cranes, everything in Sector’s Edge can be destroyed. Tear through cover with armour-piercing LMGs, breach walls with C4 and create tunnels with the Orberator.


Take out the base of trees and towers and watch them come crashing down!


Customise sights and crosshairs to your preference. Style your weapons with camo, metallic and animated skins.


Create loadouts for the playstyles you love, whether it be sniping, explosive, run and gun, or a combination of all!


Sector’s Edge is developed by the two of us at Vercidium using our own engine and assets created from scratch. Our goal is to create a first person shooter that is refreshing, fast-paced, action-packed and rewarding to master. – Steam

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Play a fast-paced fusion of sci-fi and arcade-style American football in a stadium on the moon. The controls are easy to understand so you can get right into the action. Gridiron is a competitive multiplayer driven online experience featuring up to 7v7 in both casual and competitive online matches, private matches, offline practice mode, and more.

Early Access

We will be releasing tons of new content and features throughout early access including replays, new game modes including exhibition/franchise, custom playbooks, cosmetic items & customization options, new Gridiron champions, ranked rewards, tournaments, and much more!

Competitive Multiplayer Action

With matches supporting up to 7v7, you can play with your friends or make new ones. Queue up for public matches or host private matches. 

Free to Play

Gridiron is free to play and never pay-to-win. Cosmetics will be available for purchase in the future, but will have no effect on gameplay.

Stats Leaderboards

Gridiron has an extensive stats system and a public leaderboard for every position. Think you got what it takes to be a top 100 player? 

Training Mode

Practice your throwing and catching abilities in the offline training mode and become a Gridiron legend.

– Steam
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Remnants of the Precursors

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Remnants of the Precursors is a modernization of the 1993 strategy game “Master of Orion”. You will play as one of 10 unique races and lead them to galactic domination or, if you fail, humiliation and defeat. Micromanagement is minimal and the gameplay smooth and streamlined. – Itch.io

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All Over

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All over is an indie action RPG game filled with puzzles, missions, and monsters.

Enjoy 6-12 hours of gameplay, discover the magic of Abelon and help townsfolk and magical animals versus an evil ruler.

This is an early access game and fully enjoyable game.

The game at its current state is playable with over 50 missions, dungeons, arena, and steam achievements, and we hope you enjoy it.

We appreciate any feedback you have – feel free to post it on our community page/group.
End of announcement

All Over is an indie ARPG/adventure/puzzle game taking place at the kingdom of Abelon.

In the kingdom of Abelon it takes wits and strength to survive, our hero, who has no idea who he is, faces powerful creatures and puzzles that even the wisest of the elders find difficult to solve

you are the hero!

Follow the quest of our hero who travels to restore order to the kingdom of Abelon. Fight your way, attack, and cast powerful spells to crush your enemies. Battle outdoors or in the depth of the dungeons, and even try your luck in the King’s battle arena

Key Features

  • Quests – Dozens of story quests and side missions.
  • Story – In your journey, you will reveal your true identity while helping NPCs & magical creatures with their evil ruler
  • Puzzles – Solve mind-blowing puzzles as you travel to mysterious places
  • Action – Cast powerful spells, equip your legendary weapon and armor to help you fight your battles.
  • Loot & Items – Find gold, potions, magical items, and weapons to aid you on your quest.
  • Monsters – Fight or help different monsters and NPCs in Abelon. Win to gain XP and treasures or try to escape and live to fight another day
  • Resource gathering – Mining, woodcutting, herbs, and more…
  • Night & Day – Go out at midnight with a torch or fight your way during the day. Abelon changes with time.
  • Boss fights – Go into the depth of the dungeons and fight badass bosses.
  • Level up – Gain XP and grow in strength
  • Steam achievements – Growing list of steam achievements. – Steam
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Realm of Alters

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In Realm of Alters (ROA), it’s a battle of wits, and building decks to create powerful strategies. Whether this is your first card game, or you are an experienced pro, the depth and charm of ROA will draw you in. Experience the magic, and mayhem with your friends today!

Story Background

Legend has it that the three “Creation gods” overthrew the old gods, created a vigorous world that freed all lives in the world from fate. Years later, paths of the three gods diverged after a great battle. They were sealed away, reincarnated, and hibernated with respectively. Monsters and artifacts were scattering all over the earth, and people are using these powers to rebuild civilizations and countries in their own will.

Gameplay & Features

  • Infinite Combination: 5 Champions and 250+ cards are included in the Early Access. Combine your destined Champion and 40 cards in different classes (colores) to achieve infinite combos and deck archetypes.

  • Variety Deck Building: Choose your cards wisely! Discover hundreds of cards to add to your deck. Pick those which combo each other and execute your grand strategies.

  • Mana Resources System: Sacrifice a card to general Mana. Would you sacrifice a high-cost card for mana in early game? Or save it for a huge late-game impact?

  • Shield System: A come back mechanic that shielded yourself against incoming attack!
    1. The amount of shield you have would reduce the incoming damage.
    2. Each Shield is a card, you draw them when they break, and allow you to swing the battle in your favor.

  • Gifts Based on Progress: Daily Login Gift, Path of Glory, Silver Coin Card Draw, Card Crafting with Dust, etc., allow you to enrich your card collection quickly!
  • Different Game Modes:
    Story Mode: In the newly launched story level, you are a member of ROA. Find the source of chaos and the way to long-lasting peace with the companionship of Spirit “Lucy”! Rich lore and story awaits you to discover.

    Casual Battle: Practice your newly formed deck and combo without worrying about losing battle points! Challenge your friend anytime!

    Ranked Mode: Match your opponents with battle points, test your strength in an equal level, and win special rewards! Evolve your deck continuously during the battle and use it to execute your victory plan. – Steam
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Quake Champions

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Developed by id Software, in conjunction with Saber Interactive, Quake® Champions is a return to the frenetic, fast-paced competition that established Quake as the originator of the multiplayer shooter genre more than 20 years ago. Quake Champions delivers the dark mythos of the first Quake combined with the groundbreaking multiplayer mayhem of Quake III Arena with a major modern twist – Champions. These fierce warriors each wield unique attributes and abilities, enabling players to compete in their own distinctive style, while adding an additional layer of strategy to the game.

Key Features

  • The Next Great Quake Multiplayer GameQuake’s signature rocket jumping, skill-based competition, and incredible speed remains intact, providing veterans with a welcome return and new players a fresh way to showcase their multiplayer skills.
  • Incredible, Diverse ChampionsQuake Champions introduces a roster of elite Champions, each equipped with unique attributes and abilities that are additive to Quake’s established gameplay. Champion skills offer a great variety to fit your play style.
  • Uncompromising Weapons, Ready for BattleQuake’s devastating arsenal of flesh-chewing weaponry, including fan-favorites like the thunderous Rocket Launcher, electrifying Lightning Gun, and snipe-tastic Railgun are back alongside new additions for you to master.
  • Intense Game ModesEstablished and beloved game modes return, including the gib-filled fragfests of Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch and the competitive fury of 1v1 Duel mode, while a new team-based mode, Sacrifice, joins the fray. – Steam
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Doomtrooper CCG

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Form your squad by playing Warrior cards, equip them with powerful Attachments, defeat the opponent’s Warriors to earn Victory points and win the match! In order to play cards, you’ll need to spend Destiny Points, the “currency” used in Doomtrooper. Defeating an enemy Warrior or attacking the opponent directly will earn your choice between Destiny Points or Victory Points. First player to earn 20 Victory Points wins!


  • Gameplay based on the 90’s Doomtrooper CCG, but re-imagined with a modern flair. Relive your nostalgia for a classic card game!
  • Choose from 7 different factions when constructing your deck, each with their own unique cards and playstyle.
  • Complete Daily Missions to earn yourself some coins to spend on packs, avatars, card backs and more!
  • Try and hold your own in Ranked mode! Work your way up through the ranks to unlock special avatars, titles, and other rewards.
  • Challenge a random player in casual Versus mode, or use our Discord features to send a match invite to your friends.
  • Play the Single-player Story Modes to unlock special rewards and learn more about the Mutant Chronicles universe. – Steam
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Master of Wills

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Master of Wills is a strategy card game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. Set in a beautiful cyberpunk world, opposing players choose which Faction best suits their play-style. MOW doesn’t rely solely on your Faction cards but also on your ability to manipulate the movements of the shared Community cards resulting in an epic “Tug of War”.

The board is set with three rows on each side (Recruits, Loyalists, and Allies) and a neutral area in the middle. Your objective is to move as many Community cards to your side by the end of the game while using Faction cards in your hand to manipulate and influence the cards, game and your opponent. The points earned for each player on their side will determine who is the Master of Wills. Battle the AI, play the single player campaign or challenge other players in PvP arenas.

Collect over 250 cards across 4 Factions. Craft Faction card decks to create the ultimate combos and crush your opponents. With an easy to use deck crafting system players can create a wide variety of deck strategies. Customize your community cards as you unlock artwork to give your Faction even more personality.

Daily missions keep the game play fresh encouraging different strategies to complete missions for rewards. Players can take their journey into the MOW universe even further by teaming up with friends and allies to form a Syndicate. Work together to earn extra rewards.

Explore the story of MOW through each Faction and Community card. Uncover the lore that ties the cards and characters to the larger game universe we have created. The four core Factions that are available to choose from are Alphaguard, Razorcorp, Dawnlight, and Shadowcell with more to come in the future.

Battle your way to the top of ranked play each season to earn rewards. Utilize match statistics to evaluate your game play and learn to maximize your play styles. – Steam

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Slappyball is a physics-based game of hands playing volleyball.

  • Always free to play
  • 3 v 3 w/ matchmaking
  • Custom lobbies
  • Dedicated servers in multiple regions
  • Predictive player and ball movement with lag compensation
  • Team and individual leaderboards
  • Player career management
  • Loads of customization options
  • Bot matches
  • Freeplay arena – Steam
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