Paint Chips

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Paint Chips is a free-to-play online 2D multiplayer top-down shooter where you splatter your foes with paint! Unlock character customization options as you play and choose a look that suits your style. You can go solo or group up with your friends and paint it up together!


  • Up to 8 players can battle it out across 4 different maps.
  • 80+ character customization options to give you a unique look!
  • Earn Chips as you play, spend them on your favorite items in the shop!
  • Complete daily challenges that award you with extra Chips.
  • Host custom private matches with your friends, or test your skill against some bots!
  • Vote for your favorite map and team color before a match begins – Steam
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Synthbiotic Dungeon

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— This is a student capstone game made in the University of Utah’s EAE program —

Synthbiotic dungeon is a fast-paced, isometric, online multiplayer dungeon crawler in which you make the dungeon. Play as one of up to three runners running the gauntlet or as the dungeon master pulling the strings.

Important data has been held secure by greedy corporations and now is the time to take action. Play with and against your friends in this isometric 3D dungeon crawler to save the world.

Play as one of up to three runners or the as the sentinel:

– As a runner, make your way through the dungeon, accessing upgrades while clearing rooms.

– As a sentinel, use various traps and drones to overwhelm the runners. – Steam

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