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Tanks is a top-down shooter in which you control a blue tank and try to defeat various enemy tanks with assorted abilities to clear levels. You can play Tanks in multiple gamemodes, alone or via cross-platform multiplayer with as many friends as you’d like.


Random levels: Play in randomly generated levels.
Crusades: Play a series of levels in order, earning coins and unlocking shop items as you go, with a limited number of lives.
Versus: Fight your friends in randomly generated levels.
My levels: Play levels that you have saved or made.


Level editor: You can create your own levels, featuring tank teams, custom items and shops, custom background colors, and custom level sizes. Go wild!
Crusade editor: Once you’ve made (or saved) several levels, you can put them together into your own crusade. You can then set up a shop for that crusade where players can spend their coins.
Multiplayer: Play with as many other players as your device can support. You can play in co-op or versus, chat, and share levels and crusades you’ve made in multiplayer parties. – Steam

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