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The two girls who had a traffic accident, Libra and her girlfriend Amili, wander the supernatural world as Near-death experience.

There are places where are natural such as forest and cave, or supernatural in the world,
and Libra, a player explores or asks the inhabitants are there to proceed the story and end the near-death experience.

Also player can bring back any objects in the world to decorate their home or get reactions by Amili.

Story: 2-4 hours, Yuri, Silent player
Combat: Little or nothing
Gameplay: Non-linear, Side-quests


In this world, there are inhabitants who need your help. Explore and solve their problems to reach the deepest part of the world.

The game progresses in nonlinear, and you are free to explore and proceed events.


Most of the objects and creatures in this world can be brought home. Let’s redecorate the room where you (Libra) and Amili live.

Amili will react to the things you bring home and use the furniture you set up.

– Steam
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