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“The Land of Crows” is an side-scroller gothic story adventure game (not a point & click), inspired by the literary works of the Masters of pre-romantic, romantic and gothic literature (E.A. Poe, J.W. Goethe, A. Mickiewicz, J. Slowacki) and lovecraftian mythos. Jan Bonawentura Jablonowski, a young Polish nobleman, is summoned to Kuyavia at his friend’s request. Urged by a dramatic letter, he arrives to a gloomy, rainy flatland filled with ravens and crows. He’s about to find out the dreadful truth lurking in the watery grasslands of the 19th century Partitioned Poland.

  • A classic-style adventure game, inspired by the 90s thriller adventures look, feel & controls (most notably “The Shadow of The Comet”)
  • 3 to 4 hours of entertainment, 7000+ lines of text.
  • Gloomy characters with their dark secrets.
  • The gothic romance sending chills down the spine.
  • Climatic music (by Simon Wilkinson and other composers).
  • Historical and ethnographic objects and buildings (palaces, mansions, churches) of Kuyavian/Greater Poland style.
  • References to 19th century masters of gothic and romantic literature.
  • The look and feel of the Regency/Romanticism cultural era, with a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth distinct cultural background.
  • Regional, early medieval Slavic legends of Kuyavia, intertwined with a romantic vibe.
  • Haunted forests of old with ancient hidden graves.
  • A lot of walking.
  • An eons-old evil lurking in the marshlands…

This game is not a “talkie” – it doesn’t have a voice-over (a classical 90s adventure game indie tribute). – Steam

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